What we offer – Tour solutions

captured live


  • Trucking
  • Lightning Package
  • Audio Equipment
  • Tour Shop ( Festivals
  • Staff ( Driver, Drum- o. Guitartech, Backliner, Stagemanager )
  • Rehearsal Room

Additional Services

  • Gear Storage
  • Repair Shop
  • ATA carnet Service
  • Production Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Endorsement
  • Second Hand Shop


Even if you and the audience give it all, a grumpy and sloppy crew can easily spoil your tour. That definitely sucks. If you are not into rude surprises like that, you are always well-advised to trust in our experienced team. We can provide you with an experienced road crew, drum techs, guitar techs, truck drivers, van drivers, stage managers or technical managers who are capable, professional and always reliable.

Gear Storage

During tour breaks or between festival weekends your gear is perfectly stored at the Captured Live warehouse. Your equipment is in good hands here as it is solely managed by persons who very well know how to handle sensitive guitars or fragile vintage gear such as Hammond organs. The warehouse is alarm monitored as well as temperature and moisture-controlled and your equipment is fully insured at all times. While your gear is stored at Captured Live, you can also make use of the time it’s here and get it inspected, maintained or repaired at our in-house repair shop to get it back into perfect condition. What’s more, we can capably handle any logistical issues to get your gear there when and where you might need it. Bands like Faith No More, Dredg, Nena or Anthrax have already made use of our secure and convenient storage service.

Tour Shop

Our tour shop will provide you with everything you need for your professional show or tour, from small moon gel pads to monster-sized custom keyboard / midi / computer / effects / “whatever“ rack-solutions.

The range of our services includes:
  • customized flight cases, case rental, Pelican cases
  • customized racks, looms, cables, adapters, pedal boards, etc.
  • supplies like tape, drum heads and sticks, strings, batteries, etc.
  • radio sets
  • insurances for musical equipment

If needed, we can also supply audio and lighting equipment or risers and other stage-related gear through co-operations with specialized companies. In case there is anything else you need for your tour that we haven’t listed here – don’t hesitate to ask us. We can get you pretty much anything.

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