Captured Live

Since we formed in 1992, we have been providing only the highest quality products and services at reasonable prices.
According to our philosophy, “tour supply“ means that we are able to offer you all of the equipment, personnel, logistics and services needed for a live production at the highest level, so that you can concentrate on rocking the stage – be it at festivals, one-off shows or on an entire tour.
Aside from our long-standing expertise in the live music business paired with the availability of our huge stock of rental equipment, we are also equipped with an in-house repair and assembly shop, our own fleet of rental splitter-vans, storage facilities for foreign equipment, a large rehearsal room and a highly motivated and professional crew.
Being located in the midwest - and since 2017- in the north of Germany, we are situated right in the heart of Europe, we have a clear logistical advantage, as we are always within short distance from you, your shows and our co-operating partners.
Last but not least, we are not only professionals at what we do, we also love doing it. We know what it means to be on tour, and so it is both our aim and incentive, to make sure all services we provide are always perfectly aligned and running smoothly.


The Captured Live staff is young, very motivated, vastly experienced and highly professional. Most of us have spent years on the road in the touring business, so we definitely know how annoying it can become to be up against poorly inspected gear, an unmotivated crew, or slipshod delivery. It is therefore our highest call and aspiration to simply do whatever it takes to get your show running smoothly.

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